Rescue Task Force


About the course

This training instructs firefighters and EMS on forming an integrated active shooter response with law enforcement. This model is effective as it allows immediate medical care to victims at the scene of the incident. This differs from Tactical EMS, which usually focuses on medical care for the responders. The multi-media classroom presentation is taught by active-duty firefighters and law enforcement officers with real-world experience in deadly force encounters.

The first four hours of this course will be lectures. During this time, the students will explore the historical perspective of active shooter events to learn factual information about the potential for hostile action against first responders. Participants will also learn the roles and responsibilities of the formal RTF as well as how to form an RTF after arriving on the scene. Participants will learn about the tactics for RTF movement, patient evaluation/treatment, and patient extraction.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to participate in full-spectrum RTF (Rescue Task Force) operations to NFPA 3000 standards and beyond.​

Specific operational tactics and procedures are best kept in the classroom for our attendees for obvious security reasons.

This training is tailored to individual agencies, regardless of department size or location.

4 Hours (Introductory Level - Classroom only)
8 Hours (Operational Level - Classroom/Practical)

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