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Triage Training Group's START Program: Specialized Trauma and Rescue Tactics for Law Enforcement

Triage Training Group's START (Specialized Trauma and Rescue Tactics) program is a pioneering 4-hour class specifically designed to equip law enforcement personnel with essential life-saving skills. This program predates many current initiatives like Stop the Bleed, Rescue Task Force, and ASHER. It employs a combat mindset-based approach for treating traumatic injuries effectively, similar to our instructor's methods used on the battlefield in the war on terror.

Key components of the START program include:

Gunshot Wound Care: Officers receive training in immediate and effective methods to manage gunshot wounds. This vital segment covers understanding wound types, bleeding control, and applying appropriate first-aid techniques.

Tactics: The program integrates tactical training specifically tailored to the unique challenges faced by police officers. Emphasis is placed on decision-making under stress and adapting first-aid practices in potentially hazardous environments.

Mindset: The course focuses on developing the right mindset for handling these extreme self/aid buddy aid situations. This includes techniques for staying calm under pressure, making quick decisions, and maintaining situational awareness while providing aid.

Rescue Drags and Carries: The program teaches practical skills for safely moving injured colleagues. This includes various techniques for drags and carries, prioritizing both the rescuer's and the victim's safety during extraction from danger zones.

Case Studies: Incorporating real-life case studies, the course allows officers to learn from past incidents, providing insights into effective responses in different scenarios and the practical application of the skills taught.

Combat Mindset-Based Approach: START utilizes a combat mindset-based approach, focusing on mitigating blood loss and prioritizing transportation to a higher level of care. This approach reflects the successful strategies derived from success in combat zones and has been adapted for law enforcement contexts.

Overall, the START program by Triage Training Group aims to prepare police officers with both the technical skills required for emergency medical response and the tactical and psychological readiness needed in critical situations. By drawing on combat-proven methods, the program ensures that law enforcement personnel are well-equipped to handle traumatic injuries effectively, mirroring the success seen on the battlefield.


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