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Bulletproof Backpack Inserts (III-A)

$ 139.99 USD


Product Info for ExecDefense USA Bulletproof Backpack Insert


Tested to resist up to level III-A ambient ballistic threats up to .44mag (including 9mm and .357sig). ExecDefense USAs ballistic backpack inserts are designed for children and teens to insert into their backpacks in order to help protect them during active shooter situations.

Designed with strong ballistic material tested up to level III-A (ambient), and cut in an innovated round way on top so that backpacks can close easily, these ballistic inserts are lightweight and can help save your child or teens life during an emergency.

Easy to insert in any bag or backpack, the ballistic insert plates are lightweight and flexible. They hardly add much weight to the backpack or bag and may help save a life during an active shooter situation or emergency.

ExecDefenses ballistic backpack inserts are available in standard size (10 x 12) or large size (11 x 14) and are extremely lightweight so that it will not contribute to excessive weight for the child or teen using them.

Specifications for ExecDefense USA Bulletproof Backpack Insert:

Manufacturer: ExecDefense USA

Color: Black

Fabric/Material: Ballistic

Threat Level: Level IIIA

Weight: 1 lb

Features of ExecDefense USA Bulletproof Backpack Insert

• Tested to resist up to III-A ballistic threats (ambient)

• Tested to resist up to .44mag ammunition, along with lesser threats such as 9mm and .357sig. Currently, 95% of gun violence in the USA takes places with this ammunition.

• Lightweight, easy to place in bag, and flexible

• Ballistic inserts are cut with a "rounded top" that fits well with most backpacks so that users can zipper their backpacks easily.

• Ballistic inserts are ultra-sonic sealed to prevent the entrance of liquids or moisture into the ballistic material

• 8 year shelf life

Package Contents:

• ExecDefense USA Bulletproof Backpack Insert

• Backpack not included